Saturday, April 30, 2011

Insert Google Translater tool into your website

Add Google's website translator to your webpages, and offer instant access to automatic translation of the pages. Adding the website translator is quick and easy.

Just you need to copy and paste these code into your webpage where you want a translater tool.

<div id="google_translate_element"></div>
function googleTranslateElementInit() {
  new google.translate.TranslateElement({
    pageLanguage: 'en',
    includedLanguages: 'af,sq,ar,be,bg,ca,zh-CN,zh-TW,hr,cs,da,nl,en,et,tl,fi,fr,gl,de,el,ht,iw,hi,hu,is,id,ga,it,ja,ko,lv,lt,mk,ms,mt,no,fa,pl,pt,ro,ru,sr,sk,sl,es,sw,sv,th,tr,uk,vi,cy,yi',
    layout: google.translate.TranslateElement.InlineLayout.HORIZONTAL
  }, 'google_translate_element');

<script src=""></script>
Enjoy the google translater tool...

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